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10 Quintessential Elements for Fall Decorating

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

It's the day after Labor Day weekend, and the scent of pumpkin spice lattes is in the air. It's that time again...Time for apple picking, trips to the pumpkin patch, and enjoying some beautiful fall foliage!

Here are our top ten quintessential elements you can add to make your home feel as cozy as a freshly-baked apple pie.

1. Fall Foliage - What's fall without the ruby red, vibrant orange, and sunny yellow leaves that the season brings. Don't have colorful foliage where you are (like me in Southern CA)? You can also use Japanese maple leaves, faux foliage branches, wheat, pampas grass or dried botanicals to create an autumnal feel.

Kelley Nan

2. Pumpkins and Gourds - These symbols of fall come in a vast variety of shapes, colors and sizes, and can be used to decorate your interior and exterior. More is more with these beauties. Don't hold back and you're sure to create an impressive display of this season's bounty.

Craftberry Bush

3. Autumnal Flowers - Seasonal flowers will instantly add color and freshness to your home. Mums in particular are readily available at your local farm or supermarket. Cabbages can also add extra texture and fresh greenery to the mix.

Creative Scapes

Rett Peck via Better Homes & Gardens

4. Pine Cones, Acorns, Nuts, and Seed Pods - These elements are easy to find everywhere, and can be a delightful added detail to your fall decor. Here are instructions on how to prepare foraged pine cones for use in your home.

Mega Pixel

5. Seasonal Fruits - Display the fruitful harvest of the season in decorative bowls and platters. Apples, pears, persimmons, and figs can make a beautiful tableau in your kitchen or dining room.

Contantine Poulos via Better Homes & Gardens

6. Corn - Dried corn comes in so many colors and varieties - from colorful jewel tones to dramatic black, and can be used as garlands, wreaths, and in centerpieces.

Ngoc Minh Ngo via Martha Stewart Living

7. Feathers - Feathers can add an unexpected and whimsical touch to your fall decor. They are beautiful inside a vase or cloche or incorporated into a wreath or centerpiece.

Martha Stewart Living

8. Earthenware - Rustic pottery and ceramics add extra texture and serve as a dramatic sculptural element.

Amber Interiors

9. Candles - The right candles can really set the mood. We love this candle by Diptyque that gives off the warm, smokey smell of cuddling around a wood-burning fire.


10. Cozy Throws & Pillows - Complete the look of your inviting fall retreat with a soft knit or fur throws and decorative pillows in cozy earth tones, perfect for snuggling with a mug of hot apple cider.

Ella Claire & Co.

So there you have it. 10 quintessential elements to give your home that cozy autumn feel!

Need more tips or want help putting it all together? Contact us today for a complimentary discovery call to get started!

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